RV Travel Tips For Bringing Along Kids and Pets

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Each year, many people choose air travel or book bus tours and struggle with boarding for pets and stressed out young kids. A comfortable RV is one of the best ways to travel with children or pets because everyone can spend time together in a private space as you go down the road towards your destination. Try these tips to make your summer vacation painless (and dare we say fun?) this year.

Bring Along Toys

Both pets and kids need things to keep them occupied while you're traveling. Most of the models from Bent's RV  feature television screens, and many also include built-in DVD players. A handheld gaming system can also keep siblings from fighting while you need to stay focused on the road. Bring along toys for your pets as well so they feel included and aren't tempted to chew on the furnishings.

Practice Makes Perfect

Many families rush out for a two week long road trip as soon as they pick up a new RV. However, these long trips can be stressful for kids and pets who aren't used to it. Start with day trips to get everyone used to the noises and excitement of the RV. A weekend trip is the ideal warm up before a longer vacation.

Make Space

While RVs come in many sizes, it is easy to feel overcrowded in even the largest models when you are on the go. Give pets their own corner of the bathroom or master bedroom so they have somewhere to retreat to for a quick nap. Bringing along a comfortable pet bed reassures them of their privacy. Siblings should also have permission to take over different parts of the RV when afternoon crankiness sets in. A little separation can prevent arguments and hurt feelings.

Get A Headcount

Before you pull up your stakes and start rolling out, do a double check that everyone is accounted for and in the vehicle. A pet napping in the shade of the RV could easily be overlooked or injured if they can't get out of the way in time.

Make Frequent Stops

Even if your pet can hold their bladder all day, rest stops every four hours or so will give them a chance to get a little exercise and avoid becoming stir crazy. These stops are also good for kids that need to stretch their legs, and they can keep the driver from getting road fatigue.

Use A Reliable Vehicle

Getting stranded on the side of the road with engine troubles is always stressful, but unhappy kids and pets makes it even harder to handle. If you live in New Orleans, Thibodaux, or Houma, LA, getting your RV service before embarking will help to ensure you arrive on time and ready to relax.

*Photo source: Flickr

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