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Make A Service Appointment

Service Appointments

Scheduling an appointment to drop off your RV is required (except for emergency situations) to allow those campers that are already in our service department to be handled in the order that we receive them.

Emergency Service

Emergency service repairs for campers in-transit*. These repairs will be made at Bent's RV. Bent's RV does not have offsite service capabilities. If you are on vacation or in a potentially dangerous situation, we will help you contact a local mobile service technician or help find a dealership close to you that can help. We have power and water hookups in our front parking lot If you need to stay in your camper while we make the repairs.

*In-Transit Customer - a customer more than 100 miles from home traveling in their RV. In-transit customers are eligible for emergency service on any problem affecting the safe operation of the RV as an RV. If less than 100 miles from home, customers are expected to have their selling dealer service the problem unless the problem makes traveling to their selling dealer unsafe.

Details Needed

Document every problem to be addressed to the best of your ability. Include any information about when, where, and how the problem occurs so that we can better understand and communicate the circumstances of the problem to the technician. This will help cut down on diagnostic time and incomplete repairs which often lead to repeat visits and frustration. The more you can tell us about the problem the better able we are to solve it the first time.

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