Art And Decor For Recreational Vehicle Travelers

Though they are most commonly used by vacationers to get from Point A to Point B on road trips, statistics show that recreational vehicles are also known as home sweet home by over 1 million Americans. The number of full-time RV travelers who are willing to trade in their brick-and-mortar homes in exchange for the open road is growing by leaps and bounds each year.

Although having the freedom to hit the open road and travel wherever you decide to go that day might sound appealing, the RV lifestyle is accompanied by a number of issues that most people overlook. For example, what’s your address? How do you receive mail or pay your bills?

While those concerns can easily be alleviated simply by obtaining a P.O. Box with mail forwarding service and managing finances online, living in a small space also presents a few challenges when it comes to staying organized and keeping things visually appealing. You may not want to hang artwork on the walls of your RV or camper each time you stop for the night, but here are five easy ways to decorate your home on wheels.

1. Create a “patio” with lights and a brightly colored awning.

When you park your RV at a campground, you will want to create additional outdoor living space where you can enjoy the summer nights with new friends or family members. It’s possible to create patio-like ambiance by setting up a temporary cover or awning and hanging strands of patio lights. Even if the weather turns out to be less than perfect, you’ll still have an outdoor place to watch the rain while staying under cover.

Photo by Terry Bone

2. Use throw pillows to accent seating areas.

If friends or relatives drop by when you are in town, they will need a place to sit if you “invite them in.” Adding a few pillows to your couches or bench seating areas can easily transform your home’s appearance. If you’re crafty, make your own slipcovers!

Photo by Miss Messie

Photo by Wicker Paradise

3. Choose books that can serve as reading material as well as artwork.

If you like to read while someone else is behind the wheel, keep a few books on board. Not only are they educational, but also, they can become a part of your decor. Colorful book covers and books full of beautiful photos promote conversation. If you don’t like to read, set out a brightly colored journal or recipe book.

Photo by Dave Heuts

4. Decorate the back of your RV.

A personalized license plate is one quick way to dress up the back of your recreational vehicle. You may also decide to use the back of the vehicle as a canvas for bumper stickers or magnets from the states or tourist attractions that you have visited. Some RVers opt for actual artwork, which is often painted by artists who specialize in painting RVs.

Photo by J Brew

5. Upgrade.

RVs are full of amenities, but they’re understandably on a smaller scale than those inside a house or apartment. Even though your kitchen will be fairly tiny, choose the most aesthetic version possible when purchasing your RV. Granite countertops, glass display cabinets, patterned floors, and handsome cabinet hardware go a long way. Applying wallpaper border is another way to easily add a touch of class.

Photo by Mike Miley

Decorating in small spaces can be an extremely fun challenge. Most RVers are well-acquainted with and love challenges, or else they would not be living such adventurous lives.  Hit the magazines and Pinterest for lots of fresh and new ideas. While you figure out the best way to decorate your RV, allow Bent's RV to handle all the technical details, from which RV best suits your purposes to fixing any mechanical problems that you encounter. Bent's RV is the RV dealership southern Louisiana relies on for all of their RV needs!

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