Night Driving Tips

There are plenty of travel destinations in Louisiana from the north to the south and every place in-between. One situation many travelers pay close attention to when driving to these locations is night driving. Those twisting, winding back roads with limited lighting or rain soaked highways after dark can be a problem.

At Bent's RV, your southern Louisiana RV service center, safety is paramount and before heading to your next vacation location, stop by one of the centers located in Metairie, Thibodaux or Houma, and make sure everything, including your windshield and side mirrors, are in good shape.

Tips for Night Driving

Follow these simple tips to avoid unpleasant travel time when venturing into the dark of night.

  • Be aware of fatigue. It can slip up on you before you know it. When you become tired, pull over and call it a night.
  • Roads that aren't well lit strain the best pair of eyes. When possible, use the bright lights but always turn them to low beam when a vehicle approaches to prevent blinding the driver.
  • Turn your lights on about an hour before dusk and off an hour after dawn to alert drivers during that "in-between" time of oncoming traffic.
  • Check that your headlights are in alignment.
  • Inspect headlights, taillights and signal lights frequently to ensure they're working properly.
  • Allow ample space between you and the vehicle in front of you. Nighttime perception is easily altered especially at twilight.
  • When following another vehicle, keep your beams on low.
  • When another vehicle is approaching with bright lights glaring, focus your eyes to the right portion of the roadway to avoid direct contact and impairment of vision. Using the side of the road also serves as a guide for steering until you get past the bright lights.
  • Keep interior and exterior windows clean for better visibility.
  • If you need to pull off the road due to RV problems, pull as far over as possible. Turn on flashers and interior lights to alert other night drivers of your location.

No matter where you travel, day or night, let Bent's RV take care of maintaining your recreational vehicle. With expert staff on hand at the RV service center, you can travel with peace of mind wherever you may roam.

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