A Spirited City: Haunted New Orleans

New Orleans - Garden District - Lafayette Cemetery

Photo Courtesy of Wally Gobetz via Flickr Creative Commons

When October rolls around, things can get scary with the many Halloween activities slated and haunted houses decked out for trick-or-treaters. One city that doesn't have to wait for October to show off its haunted locations is New Orleans, one of the most spirited cities in the US.

The LaLaurie House

One of the most infamous houses in New Orleans has a history of brutality by its owners. Dr. Louis LaLaurie and Delphine, his wife, moved to the luxurious home in 1832. The LaLauries entertained the wealthy and creme de la creme of society with exceptional parties. Little did the guests know of the heinous happenings behind closed doors. It is said Delphine brutalized and tortured slaves and her husband experimented on them. When a fire broke out in the home, she and her husband disappeared, but what the firemen found was unbelievable. Dismembered and butchered bodies were strewn throughout the attic. Many sightings have been reported including a black man in chairs, a young girl, foul smelling liquids that appear out of nowhere, and disembodied screams of agony. Ghost hunters have gotten pictures of orbs circling the house.

St. Louis Cemetery No. 1

During the day, the cemetery is a serene place with lots of interesting history. At night, it takes on a different element as it's said Marie Laveau, New Orleans' voodoo queen, haunts the cemetery. She, along with Civil War ghosts and other phantom figures, has been seen making her way among the tombs.

The Sultan's House

Built in 1836 and owned by Jean Baptiste le Prete, the Sultan's House has an ugly history. The home was rented to a Turkish gentlemen and his family, which included his harem. It is said he was not a nice man and kidnapped unknowing women and forced them to become part of his harem. He was known as "The Sultan," and one afternoon he was found buried in the garden and his entire family had been butchered. No one was ever charged with the mass murder. It is said he still roams the halls of the mansion.

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