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Halloween cupcakes - pumpkin cake

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While you're out on the road during Halloween, there's no need to miss out on all the fun. When meal time rolls around, scare up some spirited tidbits with these easy recipes.

Mummy Meatloaf

Start the evening meal with this spooky meatloaf designed to inspire tasty bites of a classic Halloween character. You'll need the ingredients for your favorite meatloaf recipe, American cheese slices, and black olives.

  • Prepare the meatloaf mixture.
  • Shape the mixture into the form of a mummy with a head, torso, legs and crossed arms.
  • Bake until done.
  • Let the loaf rest for about 5 minutes.
  • Slice the cheese into 1-inch wide strips.
  • Lay the strips over the mummy leaving a slot for the eyes.
  • Trim excess cheese ends.
  • Place two black olive slices in the eye slot. Place inside the still-warm oven long enough for the cheese to melt and meld together so the form looks like an ancient mummy in its wrappings.

Creepy Cupcakes

The easiest way to create these skeleton cupcakes is to buy cupcakes already prepared and frosted with chocolate icing. If you choose to make your own from scratch, include a can of pre-made chocolate icing. Remaining items needed include a bag of mini marshmallows, white icing, black decorator's gel and an icing bag with a small tip.

  • Top each cupcake with a marshmallow. Use a small dollop of white icing to secure the marshmallow. Outline a mouth and eyes with black gel.
  • Fill the icing bag with white icing. Pipe out a stick man figure. Along the middle line, add two horizontal lines to look like ribs.

Cheesy Swamp Creatures

Perfect accompaniment for the mummy meatloaf. You'll need ingredients for macaroni and cheese, spinach, and green olives.

  • Make the macaroni and cheese. Place the mixture into individually greased muffin cups. Bake for about 25 minutes or until firm.
  • Saute spinach.
  • Let the mac and cheese rest for about 10 minutes before gently removing from the tins.
  • Place a bit of spinach on a plate - looks like swampy grass - place a mac and cheese creature upside down on the spinach.
  • Add two slices of green olives with pimentos for the eyes.

If you're in search of your own "treat" this year, Bent's RV has an extensive southern Louisiana RV inventory to turn your Halloween into a spooktacular event.

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