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The dreaded phrase, "Are we there yet?" is bound to be said once or twice on a long road trip, and everyone has different ways of handling the boredom, whether it be headphones, a good book or text messaging their friends.

But how about trying a few new boredom-busters next road trip? Test out these fun family activities, and you can avoid packing the portable DVD players and noise-cancelling headphones.

Hold a Contest

Make a road trip tradition by holding a family-wide spelling bee, geography bee or trivia contest on every trip. Create a list of questions before you leave and award a prize to the family member who gets the most answers correct. Make the prize a good one, and the whole family will be begging to play every time they strap on a seat belt.

Car Bingo

One of the classic road trip games - car bingo - is fun for both kids and adults. You can buy car bingo boards at a toy store or print similar pages online for free. Mark the corresponding spot on the board when you see a particular item, such as a tractor, yield sign or another RV.

Who Am I?

"Who Am I?" can be an educational, and often comical, game for everyone in the vehicle. Have one person think of someone (a family member, celebrity, president, cartoon, etc), then choose an order and let each passenger ask "yes" or "no" questions until the person's identity is revealed. You can use this game as a contest by keeping track of the winner of each round. Award the person with the most wins by allowing them to choose a restaurant for dinner.

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