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RVing with your children is guaranteed to make lasting family memories, but traveling with kids isn't always easy. Shelley Zoellick -- a writer for the Families on the Road travel blog -- has shared her best tips for making RV travel with kids a positive experience. The following are some of her best tips.

Stop Often

Zoellick insists that her family stops every two to three hours on long road trips to stretch and use the restroom. She suggests scheduling travel times for very early in the morning or late in the evening, so your little ones can rest, and you can enjoy a few hours of peace on the road. Steering clear of sugary drinks on the road can help reduce your number of potty breaks too.

Encourage Conversation

Engaging your kids in educational conversations and activities is often better than handing them a gaming system or toy. Answer their questions as you cruise along and always point out special landmarks or features. Zoellick recommends giving your child his own atlas, so he can follow along with the directions and learn more about where he's traveling.

Play Outdoors

It can be easy to let your kids gather around your RV's television or a computer, but the best way to enjoy the campsite is to get outside. Learn about the campground's activities for kids, and join your kids in their outdoor playtime. Once they're old enough, encourage them to ride their bikes in a designated area or play at the playground. Encourage your kids to get in touch with the outdoors and what interests them most.

Give Them Privacy

Giving your kids a little space to call their own is always important. Whether it's their own bunk room, a bunk with a curtain or even a sleeping bag on the couch, give each child their special place to sleep and keep their toys.

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