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  • Published on Dec 15, 2015
    Why Spending Christmas in an RV is the Best

    Christmas is almost here! 



    Sponge bob Christmas.gif


    And clearly there’s no better place to spend Christmas than right inside your RV. This is obvious for a few reasons.

    First, you get to decorate a small space. More space means more to decorate. You’ll love keeping things simple in your RV.

    decorate rv.gif


    Next, You can go out searching for the perfect tree

    Christmas tree.gif


    And find a tree that’s perfect…. for your space

    Realistic Tree for RV.gif


    Also, You’re forced to have a good attitude, since privacy is hard to come by.



    Christmas is about being together, right?

    family together.gif


    and enjoy family outings like ice skating...

    family outings.gif


    Or a friendly, family snowball fight

    snowball fight.gif


    And who doesn’t love eating out for the holidays?

    eating out experiences.gif


    You can carol around the RV park!

    peanuts carroling.gif


    Since space is limited, you have to be sneaky in where to hide your Christmas gifts. And this kind of sneaky is fun!

    Santa's helper.gif


    And as you lounge in your RV, you’ll get to ponder some of the deeper questions in life…

    Eating bored.gif


    But nothing beats trying to fall asleep on Christmas eve...

    anticipating Christmas day.gif

    In an RV, you’ll have company to stay up with you!


    Let’s face it, there’s no better place to spend Christmas than in an RV!

    happy holidays eddy.gif


    Bent’s RV

    We want to wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Please stop by and see us to do some Christmas shopping for your favorite RVer! If you're looking for a great RV that won't break the budget this holiday season, take a look at our RVs for under $25,000 to bring back a gift to the family that keeps on giving.



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