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  • Published on Jan 31, 2017
    Top RV Travel Tips 2017

    Top RV Travel Tips for 2017

    RVing, whether full-time or just occasionally, can be stressful if you aren’t prepared properly.  There is a lot that goes into RVing including planning your routes, picking destinations to explore, finding campgrounds to stay at, and calculating how many miles until the next rest stop.  To ease some of the stress of travel we’ve put together a list of top RV travel tips for 2017.

    1. Pack only what you’ll use.  It can sometimes be hard to decide what to pack with you and what to leave behind when heading out on the road. The best thing to keep in mind is to pack light, with only the things you’ll need, and pick up anything else that might come up along the way.  There are camping checklist apps that help you decide what to bring on your RV. Try downloading RV Checklist app available on android or iTunes.
    2. Download the Gas Buddy app to help save on gas while out on the road. This app uses your GPS to find the nearest gas stations and compare prices so you can save money along the way.
    3. Purchase the National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands pass to get in free at all National Parks and Monuments in the United States.  If you like visiting these tourist attractions, the daily fees can add up. This pass is another great way to save you money on the road. 
    4. The early bird gets the worm! This rule applies to many aspects on the road. If you travel in the early morning rather than the afternoon you’ll avoid heavy traffic.  Arriving at popular tourist attractions early provides relief from large crowds.  Doing research and booking the campgrounds you’ll stay at ahead of time ensures you get the best campsites available.
    5. Try new activities- part of the purpose of hitting the open road is to gain new experiences. Try a new recreational activity such as hang gliding, or if you always stay at the same campground try a new one or try a new campsite just to get a different feel for what’s out there.  New experiences make for great memories. The AroundMe App searches for the nearest attractions to your location.
    6. Take Photos, and lots of them! Pictures are a great way to preserve those memories of being out on the road, and the new experiences you try this year.  The best photo app of 2017 is PicsArt Photo Studio available on android or ios.
    7. Eat Local- part of the try new experiences tip. Trying new foods can lead to finding new favorites.  Depending on where you travel to, foods can give you an insight into the culture that surrounds you as well as open your eyes to new tastes. Plus, who doesn’t love to eat!
    8. Safety First!- always be prepared for emergencies out on the open road. Whether those emergencies be medical emergencies or technical emergencies, the quicker you can address the situation the fast you get back to enjoying your trip.  Roadside assistance clubs such as the Good Sam RV Club allows you access to roadside RV assistance anywhere in the United States. 


    The last and final tip: HAVE FUN! RV travel is fun and exciting so savor the time you have out on the open road. 

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