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  • Published on Mar 30, 2016
    Top 5 Spring Break Locations for Louisianans

    Spring Break for Louisianans

    It’s March and you can almost smell the thirsty spring breakers planning where to spend their week of freedom outside of campus. Nationwide the college classrooms sit empty in what can only be referred to as a weeklong non-stop party for college goers. For students in Louisiana (or even post grads avoiding the real world), the time is perfect to get outside the state lines and explore some neighboring beaches and campgrounds that will hold lifelong memories. Let’s explore some top party appropriate places

    1. Suwannee Music Park and Campground, Live Oak, FL 

    The “Spirit of Suwannee” is a majestic music and camping ground located in northern Florida. Covered in Spanish moss and filled with a lingering sense of magic this campground/venue is perfect for music enthused spring breakers with a love for nature. The internal campground has showers, bathrooms, and parking spots for food trucks and vendors galore. The main stage allows for hammocks and chairs so you can open a cool brew and watch your favorite artist. Outside of the main campground is where you can set up your RV or tent and make a fire with your raver friends. The atmosphere here is something so special, to check out the lineup for this spring break and summer and get a closer look at camping accommodations and availability, head to their website at . 

    2. Gulf Shores, AL 

    Whether your group is looking for a wild time or something more low key, Gulf Shores, Alabama will have a lot of something for everybody. Areas of the beach will be organized chaos as college students (fraternity and sorority members in particular) from around the nation rent party houses and embrace their week of “rest”. However, if you’re so determined to find some unchartered area of beach, you won’t have to wander far.  This place has a small town feel that tends to flourish this time of year so the attractions (food, amusement parks, mini golf, bars) will be limitless. 

    3. New Orleans, LA

    Feeling like staying close to home this spring break? While you may think you know New Orleans like the back of your hand, this is the time to switch it up! There’s always something new and extraordinary going on here and for good reason! It’s such a constant place of growth and culture; every trip you take here can be different and inspiring. Try swapping out Bourbon St. for Frenchman St. for a less touristy vibe and a more blues feel, explore the new and piping cuisine, and catch some live music! There are tons of art galleries to check out on Royal St. Rediscover the beauty and smells of a city you only think you are familiar with.  You are sure not to be bored here, but you probably already knew that.

    4. Austin, TX

    While Austin is landlocked and doesn’t lie on a beach, what this central Texas staple does have is just about everything else. Spring breakers come here for a party on 6th Street, live music, delicious eats, and swimming holes that trump the over crowded beaches during March Madness. Austin really does have a bar for everyone; so if you prefer country to electronic, or live music to DJ’s you are sure to find your slice of heaven in the 512. Come for the party and stay for the people and culture that is so alive in this bubble of Texas and we’ll see you back next year. 

    5. Pensacola, FL 

    One of the more common areas for spring break beach parties lies on the Gulf of Mexico here.  Pensacola is a good middle ground if you wanted to drive a few hours west to Panama City/Destin or east to Gulf Shores/Orange Beach. Pensacola is less of a party than it’s neighboring beaches to the west but this makes for a prettier, not to mention cleaner, beach and more intimate crowd. But don’t be fooled, where there’s an off week of school, a beach, and thirsty students—there’s a party. The white sand beaches and small town feel makes for a perfect vacation for spring breakers.

    Bent's RV

    Spring break is a time for celebration but keep in mind a proper budget. House rentals during the March mayhem can add up. Maybe it’s time to consider an RV rental to take you to and from your spring break destination and cover your stay while you’re there! A house on wheels never sounded more convenient, I know. Bent’s RV has a great selection of affordable new and used RV’s for your spring break pleasures. Want some additional information? Head to our homepage to follow up! 



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