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  • Published on Apr 30, 2017
    Top 5 RV Organizing Tips for Summer

    Top 5 Tips to organize your RV this summer

    Summertime on the road means a lot of traveling and a lot of different activities.  You want to be prepared for whatever outdoor adventures you find, so you want to bring along everything you can right? Sure, but that means extra items to pack, haul, and store in your RV. This means having to figure out how to keep everything organized. If it sounds like a daunting task, it is, but there is a way to do it. Here are our top 5 tips to keeping your RV organized this summer.

    1. Organize your Gear- RVing in the summer means doing a lot more outdoor activities. This means bringing along more gear, unless you plan on renting everywhere you go.  Lucky for you there are plenty of ways to keep your gear organized.                
      1. If you have kayaks, canoes or bicycles you want to haul along on your travels, you can purchase one of these kayak racks from They can house your kayaks, small canoes, paddle boards, and even bicycles.
      2. If you are hands you can make one of these wood racks and mount them underneath your RV to hold your fishing poles, tikki torches, fire cookers, etc. 
    3. Organize your bedroom- Usually summertime travels mean having to pack less. You’re clothes are lighter in weight, and you can wear your swimsuit pretty much every day. But you do have to pack extra towels, shoes, and jackets and sweatshirts in case the nights get cool.  Keeping your RV closets organized can help free up more space for other items you may need along the way.
      1. Installing lightweight wire shelving in your closets is easy and affordable.
      2. Using shoe organizers for under or around the bed can help keep walkways clear of multiple pairs of shoes, or works well to keep personal belongings within arms reach at night.
    4. Organize your Kitchen- Cooking over the campfire is a must during summer travel.  Hot dogs, s’mores, flat iron pizzas, and much more. And usually summertime camping means more people at the campgrounds, maybe some that you will entertain. So, you’ll need more kitchenware for more people.  Keeping your kitchen organized can make cooking less of a hassle.
      1. Use tension rods in your upper and lower cabinets to organize your cookie sheets, cutting boards, and dishes. 
      2. Installing wire shelves in your kitchen cabinets too can give you more space to keep more items.
    5. Organize your Kids- let’s face it, kids are messy and they require a lot of stuff to keep them entertained.  You can help them stay organized with a few simple tricks:
      1. Cargo nets installed above their beds or bunks can house extra pillows, blankets, reading materials, games, etc. This way they can relax at night and have plenty of things to do and stay warm.
      2. Use plastic makeup bags to keep their travel items organized. They can store games, coloring materials, and snacks.  The pouches also work well to keep items such as bug repellant, sunscreen, and first aid materials handy.
    6. Organize your storage- If you are traveling for the whole summer, chances are you’ll be tempted to pack more things because of the length of time you’ll be gone. Keeping your storage underneath your RV organized will help not only with providing more space to keep more things, but it’ll make access to finding things easier too.
      1. Use plastic storage totes to keep things dry and safe under your RV.
      2. Tension rods underneath your RV can help to create separate spaces for items such as folding chairs, tables, grilling utensils, extra hoses, and so much more.


    These are just a few of the tips and tricks you can find to keep your RV organized this summer. Pinterest is full of many more organizing ideas, check it out and see what tips fit your RV organizing needs.

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