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  • Published on Mar 19, 2015

    Hit the Road and Go Camping

    As the weather continues to get better and spring is in full swing, it’s time to get that RV out of storage, clean it up and get going on your first road trip of the year!

    Once you are ready to take your trip and have narrowed down your destination, the next step is to create your packing list. A packing list is one of the most important things to any trip, and packing for an RV trip is very different than a regular road trip. In an RV you basically have a home on the road, and that means you can take a lot more things with you! But the key is to not bring to much stuff either. You don’t want to be over-crowded with stuff you won't use or will get in the way. 

    Here is our handy dandy packing list that will help you and your crew have a fantastic trip!


    Batteries work for so many devices. From TV remotes, small heaters and more, you will need tons of batteries to make your trip a success.


    You can never have enough blankets. If your destination is in a colder environment, you will be sorry if you don't have enough blankets! Its better to have too many blankets than not enough.

    Dishes/Cooking Utensils

    One of the advantages of having an RV is the ability to cook in the comfort of your own unit. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on overpriced restaurants, make sure you bring your dishes and cooking utensils so that you can cook some great meals with your family or friends.


    Speaking of great meals, let’s talk about what food to bring. One of the most common mistakes is bringing too much food that can be spoiled. Make sure you bring non-perishable food items. If you are bringing any meat, make sure it is properly stored in your refrigerator or freezer. You don’t want food poisoning to ruin your trip!

    First-Aid Supplies

    A good first-aid kit is essential to your camping list. If you are secluding yourself in the back-country, your first-aid kit may need to be a little more advanced than if you are camping at a campground or nearby civilization.

    Flashlights, Lanterns

    For nights by the campfire, lanterns and flashlights are perfect for staying up late talking and hanging out with family or friends.

    Sports Equipment 

    Whether you are going fishing, hunting or just want to play catch with your crew, sports equipment is a great thing to remember for downtime and leisure activities.

    Folding Chairs

    No one likes to sit on the ground around the campfire. Make sure you are comfortable with some folding chairs!


    Games can be great ways to spend down time as well. Horseshoes and other tailgating games are easy to play, fun and let everyone be involved. Other games such as scavenger hunts are great for kids to get out and explore the outdoors!

    Grill and Fuel

    Ahhhh the smell of spring. The good old grilling smells bring back the greatest of memories. Make sure that your grill is properly stored when not cooking and certainly make sure that your fuel is properly stored as well. Grilling accidents are far to common on camping trips and can be especially dangerous if you are rushing things and hurrying to pack up. 

    Insect Repellent

    This should be a no-brainer, especially in the south! Mosquitoes and other pests are waiting for there chance to make your vacation an itchy one, so make sure you put on plenty of bugspray. Another thing you might look into are inspect lamps that emit a scent when lit that distracts the bugs from your skin.


    Jackets and raincoats are very important when packing for a trip. You never know what mother nature has in store for you, so pack those layers and protect yourself!

    Maps, Road Atlas 

    We know, we know, "Everything is on our phones now." But what about when your service is out or your battery is dead? You will need a good road map or atlas to help you through hard times should your electronic devices be out of order. 

    Bent's RV Rendezvous

    If you follow this checklist, anything else you might bring will be the cherry on top to a great packing list. If you need any accessories, camping gear or games, check out Bent's RVs great online parts store. Featuring tons of great items, our online parts store can help you get the most out of any camping trip.  We hope this blog helped and you have a very successful 2015 camping season!

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