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  • Published on Feb 20, 2015

    Avoid Major Repairs

    So you just bought your new RV and are ready to go on your first RV Vacation! While this may be one of the more exciting trips of your life, there are certain things you need to make sure you are doing properly. For first time RV owners, there are certain changes and adjustments that if done can make your RV buying experience much more pleasant. 

    Here are a list of five things that you can do to avoid costly repairs that can dampen the spirit of buying your first RV.

    1. Slow Down in High Wind

    When driving a motorhome or towing a large travel trailer behind you, you need to realize that in high wind situations your vehicle can become vulnerable. To get an idea for what it is like to drive in high wind, you should practice before your trips. Knowing how your car will handle towing or your motorhome will drive in high winds is very important. 

    Once you're comfortable, make sure you are driving safe on the roads as well. Make sure to always be in the right lane and to not go faster than the speed limit. Getting to your destination a little bit slower is definitely worth the trade off of being involved in a wreck.

    2. Learn to Turn

    Another adjustment that takes time to learn is turning. One of the best resources about turning in an RV can be found at this website. The main thing to remember is that when driving an oversized vehicle, when turning it requires more turning radius. On sharp turns, the vehicle could end up running over a curb or another persons property. If you are driving in a residential area, you may need to have some help of others on the road. Turning requires going a little bit farther before you take the turn, so make sure you have plenty of room before doing so. Cars will help you out if they can, so don't panic!

    3. Hitch Properly

    If you are towing an RV, making sure it is hitched properly can not only save you a lot of money, it also could help save lives. If your RV becomes unhitched, it becomes extremely dangerous for others on the road.  There are plenty of resources that go in-depth on how to hitch your trailer. You can find instructional videos on Youtube that might be able to identify with your exact situation! Trailer Brakes, sway control and equalizer hitches are also accessories you might look into to make sure you are towing safely. 

    4. Check your Appliances

    Checking your appliances before storing your RV for awhile can be very important and could save you lots of money down the line. If you are done with your RV for awhile and plan to store it, make sure that everything is good with your trailer. Make sure there are no leaks or other problems that could become larger problems if unattended for months at a time.

    Simple things like checking to make sure lights are off, your refrigerator is closed and that no food is left inside of it as well as cleaning up can go a long way. 

    5. Insurance

    One of the best protectors against damages is insurance. Now how much insurance you may need or want depends, and it is often dealt with on a case by case basis. Know what you need and what you want covered. Owning an RV is definitely a commitment and something that you should take pride in. Leaving your trailer or motorhome uninsured isn't really protecting your investment, so consider all of your options before becoming insured.

    Bent's RV Rendevous

    ​We hope these tips will save you from some major headaches down the line. If you do need to have your RV serviced, bring it down to one of the best service stations in the Bayou! Bent's RV features certified service technicians boast over 35 years of RV service experience. We offer service that cares, before and after the sale: we fix the cause, not just the problem.

    To get a quote or schedule an appointment call 888-455-0297, email, or use the Service Form today.



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