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  • Published on May 03, 2016
    Creole Cuisine Must Haves

    When you’re in Louisiana there are some obvious staples in the cuisine category that you need to cross off (the fresh crawfish boils, oysters, etouffee and the jambalaya). The state has a way of bringing so many diverse cultures together that pair beautifully on a plate. There are, of course, the many of crawfish boils that you are obligated to take part in if the season is permitting, but let's take a look at some different must haves that make up Louisiana cuisine. 

    Meat pies

    A sort of “turnover” stuffed with an array of different combo’s like meat & cheese, veggie, seafood, whatever your heart desires. Traditionally they will be filled with a mixture of onion, bell peppers, and ground beef but if you have a sweet tooth, you won’t have to look far for a jam filled fruit “meat pie” (minus the meat).  It’s hard to say who invented the meat pie but it’s taken the world by storm, particularly in Greece and Australia but also closely resembles the ingredients involved in an “empanada” in Spanish cooking, too. Whoever claims it, we thank you! 


    This sandwich is traditional in New Orleans. A large loaf of Sicilian circular bread, sometimes even the soft center is removed to make room for the various cured meats, cheese and olive spread that fills the middle. Since it’s typically pressed the sandwich used to be easy to eat for farmers back in the 1900’s on their long workdays with no table to lunch around. However, the recipe caught like wildfire and has no plan on going anywhere anytime soon. 


    This is a hybrid blood sausage stemming from French, German, and Cajun cuisine. There are tons of different types of this boudin, like shrimp or gator stuffed boudin or even a bounding ball that’s rolled into a ball and deep-fried. Most of the time the meat is mixed with rice and other meat so it’s a whole meal wrapped in a pork/sausage casing. 

    “Holy Trinity”

    These three ingredients, celery, bell pepper, and onion, remain a triple threat in Cajun cuisine. Why? Together they soak up the flavors and spices that neighbor them, leaving you with crunch and texture that’s out of this world. Finding these ingredients in grub around Louisiana can range from a potpie to crawfish etouffee to jambalaya and you’re sure to bring them back with you wherever you call home.

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